DELINEATE: Species Delimitation

DELINEATE is a package that implements the DELINEATE approach to species delimitation (Sukumaran, Holder, and Knowles, 2020). This approach integrates an explicit model of speciation into the multipopulation coalescent (also known as the “censored” or “multispecies” coalescent) model, to organize a set of population lineages sampled from one or more species into mutually-exclusive and jointly-comprehensive subsets, where each subset of population lineages represents a distinct species.

DELINEATE requires Python 3.7 or greater to run. Package and dependency management is greatly simplified if pip is installed as well.


Providing you have all the system requirements (see the installation guide), you can use the following command to install or upgrade DELINEATE directly from the package repositories:

python3 -m pip install -U git+